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Ballet Arts sometimes feels like a second home, and I am very grateful knowing that my children are spending precious time growing in a safe and nurturing environment.


We love all of you and love how you all love our children. Thank you for being wonderful.


As a total newbie adult dancer, I have been so grateful to take part in your classes! Thank you for creating such special place in Beacon and for sharing your knowledge and love of dance with us all.

Paula King
Beacon, New York

I can’t really express how grateful I am to you and all of the teachers and staff. The performance was incredible, the choreography so interesting and cool, and the dancers moving, beautiful and strong. Thank you for supporting these kids and offering them such a stellar dance education. The caliber of teachers is so amazing!

Lara and John Shihab-Eldin
Cold Spring, New York

 Thank you from us for all the nurture, movement, and creativity you made possible for our kiddo and so many kids in our community during this tough and strange year. I had so many moments this year, watching my daughter tap around the house, or swoop across the kitchen with a flourish when helping with dinner prep, and I thought to myself, she is so lucky to have dance (and specifically a studio like Ballet Arts Studio) in her life. Thank you so much for everything you're doing to keep it going!

Alexandra Winsby
Wappingers Falls, New York

My daughter was so anxious about the concert, but as soon as she did the first dress rehearsal she was just beaming and sooo proud of herself for overcoming her fear. Today in school she presented a final paper and her teachers (and us, her parents) were overjoyed to see her actually speaking in front of a group. Thank you for the magic that you do!

Kayla Halvey
Beacon, New York

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Preparation for Ballet showing this morning. It was such a great way to feel connected as a parent– I have been dying to see how my daughter has been doing in class. I have danced my whole life and it was amazing to see how you incorporated so many basics in such a fun and engaging way. I was so impressed and I wanted to take your class too! 

Maggie Valentine
Cold Spring, New York

I'm the mom of a dancer in Lower School II Ballet. This was our first real Bardavon experience and I just want to say how amazing all the performances were. I can't get over the choreography— I'm still thinking about it. I so appreciate all the dedication and discipline that you all instill in our children. I know my daughter is a better athlete and person overall for her ballet training and am so thankful for the experience you all gave her this year. 

Naomi Phemister
Ballet Arts Studio & DDC Dancer; Newburgh, New York

Dancing at Ballet Arts not only shaped my technique but also shaped me as a person. I'm so lucky to have been surrounded by people who truly care about me and I'm so excited to further grow my passion for dance in college. I can't thank [Katie] enough for giving me an environment that allowed me to forget about any school stresses even just for a few hours so I could express myself creatively. I'll always be a part of this family.

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