MONDAYS with Ms. Jennifer

4:30-5:30 pm           Intermediate Ballet (Lower School III/IV); ages 9 to 14

6-7 pm                     Advanced Ballet (Middle School/Upper School); ages 12 to 18


TUESDAYS with Ms. Deanna

4:30-5:30 pm           Adv. Beginner to Low Int. Ballet (LS II/III); ages 7 to 12

6-7 pm                     Intermediate to Advanced Jazz (Jazz II/III); ages 12 to 18


WEDNESDAYS with Ms. Katie

4:30-5:30 pm           Intermediate to Advanced Tap (Tap III/IV); ages 10 to 18

6-7 pm                     Intermediate to Adv. Theater Dance (TD II/III); ages 12 to 18



THURSDAYS with Ms. Miriam

4:30-5:30 pm          Intermediate Ballet (Lower School III/IV); ages 9 to 14

6-7 pm                    Advanced Ballet (Middle School/Upper School); ages 12 to 18


FRIDAYS with Ms. Claire

4:30-5:30 pm         Adv. Beginner to Low Int. Ballet (LS II/III); ages 7 to 12

6-7 pm                   Intermediate to Adv. Modern (Modern II/III); ages 12 to 18

ALL CLASSES ABOVE ARE $15 EACH.  PayPal Verified Logos, Icons, Images - PayPal Logo Center 



As a result of COVID-19, no more than ten dancers will be permitted in the studio for each class so it is important that you email the studio with your preference of In Studio class and submit payment via PayPal on our website at least 24 hours in advance of your class time. Once ten dancers have requested to be in the studio for a class, all dancers taking the class thereafter MUST take the class online. 



Despite the impact of COVID-19, Ballet Arts Studio will continue to provide an experienced faculty and thoughtful curriculum online, specifically meeting the needs of our youngest dancers.  Since consistent mask-wearing, and physical distancing is more challenging for younger dancers, all our classes for dancers ages 3 to 6 will--for the time being--be online.  The classes have been redesigned to optimize the use of smaller spaces, and our knowledgeable faculty, while still actively correcting students during the online classes, will also be guiding dancers in developing the very useful and beneficial skill of self-correction.  Additionally, online dance classes provide structure during a very unstructured time, normalcy in a positive and familiar context, and physical activity.


FIRST, if you are not registered at Ballet Arts Studio, you will need to fill out our registration form for summer.  Please CLICK HERE for the Summer Registration Form.  Please let us know what class(es) your dancer plans to take.  We also need the form emailed to us, with your signature and date.  The signature can be "electronic", which means you can just type your name into the signature line, signifying that you are are signing the waiver and the form.  Thank you.




Each class costs $15, and can only be paid through PayPal.  CLICK HERE to use PayPal.  PayPal can also be accessed from the homepage sidebar on our website.  Please note that you do NOT have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal.  Pay Pal allows you to be a guest, and pay with a credit or debit card.  Usually, you will see a box that says "Pay with a debit or credit card" or something similar.  Also, please note that our PayPal account may default to $0, but you can change that amount before making payment, if you would like to pay for more than one class at a time.  Please do not use promotions or coupons in PayPal.  Thank you.


Please note that if we need to refund money to you, that refund will come via a studio check, and not via PayPal.  Thank you!


Also, please access PayPal with a username that we will recognize, so that we can credit your payments.  If we will not easily be able to connect your PayPal username with your dancer’s name as it comes up on the Zoom screen, it is important that you send us an email letting us know who you are, what your username is, and who your dancer is!  Thank you.




Smartphone or Tablet:  Go to App Store and search for "Zoom Cloud Meetings".  Click "Get" to install App.


Computer or Laptop:  Visit You will find a link to sign up on upper right corner of the screen.  Click it and follow steps to install the software.


Once you have Zoom, and when you are in the class, please mute your microphone in the settings!  This will help everyone taking the class to better focus on the teacher.  (Settings for a smartphone or tablet are on the lower right corner of the screen, and settings for computers or laptops are on the upper right corner of screen.)




We will send out an email with a link to join the class on the day that class is happening.  That link will include a password, which you must use to join the class.  Be sure to allow 5-10 minutes before the class begins to get signed in and join the "meeting", which is the class. 


It is important to make certain that either your dancer's first or last name is coming up on the Zoom screen once they have signed into their class, so that we can take attendance. 


Please click on the “Studio Policies" button above for information concerning the dress and behavior code for Ballet Arts Studio.  Although we have relaxed these rules for our online classes, they are an excellent guide for what is normally expected of dancers in class.


Let’s all keep dancing together during these difficult times!